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UV Direct Printing of ADA Signage

ADA-compliant braille signage is taken to a new level by using ultraviolet direct to substrate printing technology. This method uses UV light to cure or "dry" the ink that has been printed directly to the substate allowing for layers of ink to be almost instantaneously printed on top of each other, forming three-dimensional lettering and braille.

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ADA Compliance

Signs must satisfy four basic accessibility requirements in order to comply with the American Disability Act. The signs must contain the Internataional Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) pictogram, visual text meeting ADA guidelines, tactile or raised characters, and contains braille #2.

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Our UV printed ADA signage features include:

  • Fast Production Turnaround Times
  • High-Resolution and Vibrant Colors
  • Environmentally Friendly Inks
  • Cost Effective

Let us help make your job a little easier!

If you need standard ADA Compliant signs or would like to create ADA Compliant Signage that fits your creative building projects vibe, we are here to help! Our in-house graphic design department will work with you through the entire process.